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If you are a lover of slots and games in general, you will surely have noticed that there are games that consume much more money than others. Now, this goes through the RTP, surely that doesn't tell you much because like any normal person you will wonder what the RTP is. The RTP is a secret code that indicates how much money a slot machine should return to the players. This RTP varies depending on the machine you use and the higher the RTP of the machine, the greater the possibility of recovering the money invested, either in the long or medium term, this applies even to jackpot rounds. There is a large choice of free slots at Book of Slots website, here we will explain the different options.

Mega Joker (NetEnt) - An RTP Champion (99%)

This particular fruity classic boasts an incredible 99% return, which is why it is loved by those who want to win big amounts of money over time. It has two sets of reels with simple features for gameplay and various bet limits designed to attract wider audiences. Nostalgic value coupled with prolonged play periods make Mega Joker popular because players get frequently rewarded hence never running out fun credits as they chase their luck endlessly towards hits after hits until eternity.

Blood Suckers (NetEnt) - An Eerily Thrilling Game (98% RTP)

Blood Suckers is a slot that has been designed to attract many players with its 98% RTP and eerie vampire theme. The game’s appeal is further deepened by the bonus round which has free spins that are able to offer big wins. Apart from its value for money proposition, this slot is able to maintain the interest of those who play it through creating an atmosphere which although scary can be quite enjoyable as well; hence if you are looking for something with both strategy and theme then this would be a good choice.

Starmania (Playtech) - A Breathtaking Adventure into Space (97.70% RTP)

Starmania is the slot for anyone interested in splendid visuals as well as an above average RTP; it can shine with a 97.70% return rate. In addition to this, the game is adorned with brilliant graphics that exhibit various aspects of astronomy while at the same time awarding players who use different tactics through introducing bonus rounds such as free spins coupled with multipliers thereby increasing their earnings astronomically.

The Excitement of Megaways™ with High RTP

Megaways™ are a new kind of slot machine that has changed the game for online slots by giving them a dynamic reel structure and an incredible number of ways to win. These are two well-known titles which combine this innovative mechanic with high RTP:

White Rabbit Megaways (Big Time Gaming) - A High-Variance Trip Down the Rabbit Hole (97.72% RTP)

This Alice in Wonderland themed slot offers players an incredible 97.72% return to player percentage during what can only be described as extremely volatile gameplay. With up to 117,649 ways for gamblers to score on each spin thanks to the Megaways™ feature, people who enjoy chasing big wins will find themselves right at home here.

Medusa Megaways - NextGen Gaming

Explore Greek mythology with this slot that has an RTP of 97.63%. Very similar to White Rabbit Megaways™ with the Megaways™ mechanic that gives you up to 117,649 ways to win. A high-variety game, it is ideal for players looking to obtain a high return on their investments.

Variety is the Spice of Life: Consider More High RTP Titles

On the other hand, there are many slot machines with high RTP. Now we offer you other suggestions for players:

  • Jackpot Slots: Although there are several that have lower base RTPs, some jackpot slots can attract more players with their potential for higher winnings. When betting we must do so responsibly, even when it comes to jackpot slots, where the bets tend to be higher.

  • Classic Slots: Classic slots should not be underrated; their simplicity and nostalgia can be very endearing. Many have RTPs in the mid to high 90s, which makes for an uncomplicated yet potentially lucrative gaming experience.

  • Do Your Homework: It is essential that you research the RTP and volatility of any online slot before playing, so as to ensure they are within your financial means and risk appetite.

Although these types of machines have a high Return to Player percentage but it is necessary to bear in mind that they are all based on chance. To be on the safer side when gambling responsible gaming is required. Never fail to put a limit to the amount of money and time you spend on playing the slot machines and also ensure that the amount of money you use is not more than what you can afford to lose. Always remember that you are supposed to enjoy yourself while at the same time focusing on winning should not be the main idea behind this.

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