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Angel Marquez
2020-12-16 17:21:00

More about: Call of the Sea

We welcome you to our Call of the Sea guide, where we will talk about How to solve the water level puzzle.

What to know about the water level puzzle in Call of the Sea?

It is the only puzzle that we must pass in the 5th chapter of the game, which has the name of the call of the sea, considering how long this resulting being, which will take us to an underwater section and emerge from a cavern with huts that will be around of an aquatic area, within these cabins you have to explore, where it is possible to detect a brand that they have and are different, among which are the following:

  • On the left when entering the cavern we have the green human hand hut
  • On the right when entering we have a cabin with some scratches as a mark
  • As we passed the rocky trail we came to a purple eddy hut

We found when passing by the side of the hut with scratches, 2 routes that are forking between each other, arriving by the one on the left to the hut of the red amphibians

From the point of the red hut of the amphibians we pass until we reach the huts at the top where the yellow human hut is.

Now to understand how to solve the water level puzzle that is presented in this stage it is necessary that we focus on the details that you will present in the following text.
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How to solve the water level puzzle in Call of the Sea?

What we will do is go down the path that takes us to the disfigured mural that is on the right, coming to notice 5 columns that have colored marks at certain specific heights, we will notice them and draw them in the newspaper, considering the order that is required so that the buttons sockets outside each hut are in a necessary order, being this The green human hand, The yellow human hand, The red amphibian hand, The green scratch and The purple swirl, then in How to solve the puzzle level of the water we have that the purple eddy is not in a socket, which leads us to press the button of this so that the columns fall to the water level below, considering that each of the columns has a button at the top that we must press, what we will do is go through the path to the right of the disfigured wall to reach the button in the first column, which allows the creation of a path that will lead us to interact with the portal to be a hybrid animal in Call of the Sea.

The purpose here is to seek to reverse the water flow for the 2 columns, having to make a 180 degree turn of the mechanism to pump the black waste through it, allowing the water flow to be reversed for both columns, seeing that it is already reversed. the second we will have to return to the first to press the button that allows us to open the door on the left, which activates a time limit to swim through the 4 columns, when using the portal we return to the human to press the button in the second column to further reduce the water level, creating another path that leads to the portal to be a hybrid, thus completing the puzzle leading to a scene as a result.

Knowing how to solve the water level puzzle is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Call of the Sea.

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