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If you want to know how to keycard doors inside the stadium in Call of Duty Warzone, you have to pay attention to this article.

What are the gates of the Call of Duty Warzone stadium?

With the arrival of the fifth season of the game, you can access the stadium from the top if you land on it and loot everything you find. However, if you search well and in the right place you'll find more secrets lurking in the hallways, specifically new locked doors that require an access card to access, and inside those rooms are computers with a unique access code that could lead to more secrets, so knowing how to open doors with a card inside the stadium will be very important.

How to keycard doors inside the stadium in Call of Duty Warzone?

As we already mentioned, these doors can only be opened with an access card, specifically with different cards which have small fragments of text next to them that are red P2-16 or EL-21.
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You can find the access cards inside the stadium, these are quite rare drops, but they are random that you can find in chests, although you can also steal it from a player who has already received the card before you.

You can find one of the closed doors in the middle level El-21, lower level Cl-16 and in the parking P2-16.

The south one is the middle floor and requires the EL-21 card, the one near the center of the stadium is the lower floor and requires the CL-16 card, while the north parking gate requires the P2 access card- 16.

The codes found in the computer change each match, which requires that you have to get all three codes during the same match, so we have to take care and be as fast as possible to be able to open the doors and obtain the eight-digit codes .

This is all you have to know about how to keycard doors inside the stadium in Call of Duty Warzone, we hope that our article allows you to get the codes as quickly as possible. Remember that over the 5 season of play, we have a lot of content that will be useful for you.

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