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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-25 13:38:09

More about: Bravely Default 2

Our guide today on Bravely Default 2 focuses on telling you how to save your game, let's see.

Why save your game to Bravely Default 2?

  On some occasions, despite having the possibility of autosaving in the game, at least that this function works, we can say that technological progress has been important, but despite this there are some situations in which we want to maintain our progress to a certain extent. Point only, which will take us to manual saving, but taking into account the possibilities that the game can give us in this regard, then it is appropriate to know how to save your game and here it will be explained below.

How to save your game in Bravely Default 2?

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We enter the main menu to get to the options, entering here we will see that there is the option that indicates save, we choose it, and we must make the choice of our file so that our game is saved, so we will have done them manually, we are in a can do it in the city or in the outside world, it cannot actually be possible at some points in the story or dungeon, the option being disabled if we are in that situation, instead we will depend on some save points, this is located in the dungeon or something like that, before we enter combat as well, now we must bear in mind that with the button (-) of our control this manual saving option can be done without having to enter the menus directly, then with the A pressed 3 times our game will be saved in the file that we want quickly and easily.

This is all you require about how to save your game, so you can get it according to your preference in Bravely Default 2 2.

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