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If you want to know how to get the vengeance dagger in Bravely Default 2, in this guide you will find everything you need to know about it.

What is the Dagger of Vengeance in Bravely Default 2?

It is the Vengeance dagger-type weapon, which will allow you to use all of Phantom's passive abilities without having to manually equip them. And you don't necessarily have to be a ghost to be able to use it, nor does it matter what work you do. So get ready because we are going to tell you how to get the vengeance dagger.

How to get the vengeance dagger in Bravely Default 2?

The weapon is a drop in the Halls of Tribulation VI trial, in which you will face Marla as Phantom, Adam as Hellblade, and Horten as Monk.
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It will be a complex battle, as these bosses will use their entire skill palette and support each other, so we recommend positioning yourself at level 70 as a minimum, it is also useful to have most of your jobs leveled at 8 or more.

You will be able to access the Hall of Tribulation VI test after accessing Chapter 6, at the end of the battle. Just keep in mind that the giant JP orbs are rare in this battle, so if you have the rare talent passive player skill equipped, it is recommended to deactivate it for a greater chance of obtaining this weapon.

  We hope that this guide on how to
get the vengeance dagger in Bravely Default 2, has been as useful as possible, and you manage to get this weapon so that you can take it with you whenever you want to each battle.

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