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We continue our tour of Genshin Impact leading us to talk to you about what are the new codes for free stuff.

What should we know about the new codes for free stuff in Genshin Impact?

This game has managed to bring us various challenges and this is perhaps one of the actions that have kept the public hooked, so it is convenient to know the new codes for free things, because version 1.4 of this game has placed some gifts for us that well It is possible to take advantage of it, the detail is that we must use them as soon as possible, because normally this type of free codes usually expire easily.

The new codes for free things in Genshin Impact allow us to get:

  • Level up.
  • Advantage on wishes.
  • Advantages in other endeavors.
  • Weapons.
  • New characters.

It should be noted that with these new codes for free things we are allowed to get some amount of resources without reaching the need to spend primogems, since it offers us the possibility of developing with a little more comfort, however, it is good to be clear that some weapons if they require us to use primogems, as some elements require Wishes in addition to 160 primogems and these are usually:

  • The Banner of Special Characters.
  • The Banner of Arms.

The new codes for free things are usually published frequently and randomly, which makes the expectation in Genshin Impact grow a little more than usual, and to redeem them we must:

  • Access the miHoyo website.
  • Choose to register an account.
  • Proceed to link a particular game account.
  • For the date of March 20 some promotional codes are already active, there are even some from February that are still valid.

What are the new codes for free stuff in Genshin Impact?

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    Expired codes.

    These are the codes that expired on March 6, but could be reactivated and were released during the special Livestream, even when they expired they were reactivated which implies that the need to pay due attention arises:

    • 153YUSAENH
    • GSIMPTQ125
    • KTNSCQWW922M

     Active codes.

    These can offer us 5,000 character EXP, as we must consider that the "Adventurer Experience" bears a certain resemblance to red sheets of paper:

    • GS6ACJ775KNV - 60 Cousins, 10,000 Blackberry
    • SBNBUK67M37Z - 30 Cousins, 5 Adventurer Experience
    • GENSHINGIFT - 50 First Gems, 3 Heros Wit

     It is important to consider:

    • The official website should not be confused, as some report HoYoLAB and this has nothing to do with redeeming codes.
    • The only way to redeem codes is when we manage to register the account and link it to the character.
    • Selecting names or region are fairly simple steps to perform in this redemption process and can be done through the drop-down menu.
    • When we do the redemption job well we are allowed to receive a message saying "Code successfully redeemed."
    • When the codes have been claimed we can continue to receive a message, however, not doing so allows us to have the possibility of receiving a message that is related to the rewards package and is usually located in the inbox.

    Definitely knowing the new codes for free stuff allows us to choose to claim interesting rewards in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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