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In this article you will find everything you need to know about how to get the Ringmaster's Spear in Bravely Default 2.

What is the emcee's spear in Bravely Default 2?

It is a BeastMaster work weapon, with which you can use all the BeastMaster passive abilities without equipping them manually. So pay attention if you want to know how to get the Ringmaster's Spear.

How to get the Ringmaster's Spear in Bravely Default 2?

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This weapon is a fall within the halls of the Tribulation II judgment, which you can obtain after killing Orpheus, Anihal, Bernard and Shirley. However, each boss will have access to the full complement of abilities from him, in addition to helping each other.

In this sense, we recommend you position yourself at level 70 or more with most of the jobs leveled at 8 or more to be able to choose to get this weapon.

  Now that you know how to
get the Ringmaster's Spear in Bravely Default 2, you should be able to get it without much trouble as long as you keep the level recommendations in mind to make it even easier for you.

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