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Next we will give you some super information, because we are going to tell you how to vote kick in Team Fortress 2.

What is kick voting in Team Fortress 2?

This is a vote that you can do in the game with the aim of eliminating toxic or absent players from your team.

How to vote kick in Team Fortress 2?

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    To do this you will have to press Esc key> click on the vote button, so that the other players vote if a specific player should be kicked or not.

    Remember that if you want to kick someone it is very important to have a serious reason to do it, it is not worth doing it for revenge or for simple pleasure, so limit yourself to doing it only if it deserves.

      That's all you have to do if you were wondering how to vote kick in Team Fortress 2, so we urge you to do it only if it really deserves it.

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