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Welcome to our guide on How to Join the Goths Clique in BitLife.

What to know about the goths Clique in BitLife?

This is one of many cliques available in the game, they can be complex to join, while for the Gothic we can do it taking into account some requirements, considering that there are 18 cliques in the game, we will use our progress to join them. , it is necessary that the union in this we have to approve the eligibility, now to have more details regarding How to join the Goths clique in BitLife let's look carefully at the following content.

How to join the goths Clique in BitLife?

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We start with the fact that we have to meet a couple of criteria to join the Gothic clique, these being having a low appearance, little happiness, this process will lead us to other indications that we have to follow, it is a process that we have to complete, and we are going to check to get us to join this cabal.

Low appearance requires having stats that are below 20 percent appearance to be eligible to join this cabal, now having god mode unlocked we can configure these stats to meet the criteria, going through the criteria again. Characters to find the one that meets this low appearance as a criterion.

In the case of low happiness we have to have met the previous criteria, then in this one we will need to be with less than 30 percent of low happiness to be able to join, when being rejected by other cliques we will easily meet this criterion, having the percentage ready required we can join the gothic cabal.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to join the Goths clique in BitLife has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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