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Lidia Rozo
2023-03-13 13:14:56

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This blog post will provide an overview of How to Give Bad Advice in BitLife

If you’re a fan of BitLife, you know that it’s a life simulator game that allows you to control the decisions of a character and watch their life unfold. You can make decisions that will determine the direction of their life, and while some of these decisions are good, some of them can be downright bad. Giving bad advice is one such decision that can have serious consequences in the game.

What is Giving Bad Advice?

Giving bad advice is essentially offering counsel or guidance that is wrong, misguided, or even harmful. It can range from suggestions that are unlikely to lead to a positive outcome, to actively encouraging someone to make a decision that could be damaging for them. It’s important to note that giving bad advice isn’t the same as giving someone the wrong information or telling a lie – it’s actively encouraging someone to make a poor decision.

How to Give Bad Advice in BitLife

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Unfortunately, there’s no activity to select or prompt to be offered the opportunity to give bad advice in BitLife. That’s because, in the game, you can only provide advice that will help your friends and family members make the best decisions for their current situation. After all, it’s part of your goal in the game to help them live a long and successful life.

So how can you get an opportunity to give bad advice in BitLife? Well, you can’t simply select an option with the worst outcome and give it to someone. It’s important to remember that BitLife is a game of choices, and your advice should reflect those choices.

If you want to give bad advice in BitLife, the best way to do it is to look at all the available options and then pick the one that has the worst outcome. For example, if someone is considering whether to go to college or start a business, you might advise them to start a business, even if it has a low success rate and could lead to bankruptcy.

It’s also important to consider the long-term ramifications of your advice. You might give someone bad advice about their career, for example, that could lead to them having to struggle financially for years to come.

Finally, it’s important to remember that, if your advice does turn out to be wrong, it’s not the end of the world. You can always apologize and try to give them better advice in the future. After all, we all make mistakes and your advice should be seen as a learning opportunity.

Consequences of Giving Bad Advice

Giving bad advice can have serious consequences in both the game and in real life. In the game, it can lead to the character losing respect from their peers and having a negative impact on relationships. In real life, it can lead to legal repercussions if the advice is serious enough. 

In this guide, we’ve discussed how to give bad advice in BitLife and the consequences of doing so. Although it can be tempting to give bad advice in the game, it’s important to think about the potential consequences before doing so. If you’re looking to make your character’s life more interesting, it’s better to make decisions that are likely to lead to a positive outcome.

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