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The new challenges in BitLife lead us to explain how to fire employees in BitLife.

Why fire employees at BitLife?

  It is something necessary when we have employees who turn out to be the right thing for their position or who come to try to steal from us, then this can lead us to fire them, which can be done in different ways, to get an idea of how to fire employees in BitLife let's continue with pay close attention to the following indications, let's see.

How to fire employees in BitLife?

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    Deciding it will depend on whether we have reviewed the situation, so we will make an evaluation through the option of the business home page in the occupation menu, here will be the employee page, we will have details of all those we have in our company, entering the profile will be the details of each one, we will notice the spirit and competence, as for How to fire employees in BitLife the latter is how good their respective work does, if we see that they are in little competition we can hire a new one prior to his dismissal, at the bottom of the employee page we can do it, when we have configured the substitute, we will enter the problematic employee page to give him the notice prior to the formality of his dismissal, which we can do at any time, while If we don't give notice we can end up sued, and they would take us to court to solve it.

     Seeking to avoid the judicial situation, it is necessary to give the employee the warning appropriately, the next thing is to wait a year for the same employee to get the form, in case of not seeing improvements, the only thing left to do is to fire him, with this anger of the company, and we will look for someone to replace him, with any of the employees it is the same to do, regardless of the size of our emerging company.

     We can conclude that knowing how to fire employees in BitLife is easier than thought, you just have to follow what is indicated to achieve it.

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