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Knowing how to get the deadly ribbon is extremely necessary in BitLife, let's see what to do.

 Not all the tasks in this game are simple and one that you want to be precisely complicated is the deadly ribbon, because it will lead us to commit some murders, as this becomes a necessary requirement.

What do we need to get the deadly ribbon in BitLife?

 Knowing how to obtain the mortal tape in this game implies the need to buy a vehicle, of course at this point it is necessary to get a good vehicle so that it is not easily damaged, since they are the ones that will carry out the murders that we require in our mortal tape.

 The luck factor must also be taken into account, this because it is not exactly a simple task because it implies that it is an activity that can be carried out successfully, because every detail that does not go according to plan will simply lead us to failure and our goal will be put far.

 To Acquire the car and drive it, it is necessary to have a license and this implies that we must be old enough to do it, because after selecting "Activities" and "License", we will have to answer just one question, if we do it correctly, great because the license will be in our hands, otherwise we will be affected and this if it is a lock.
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    How to get the deadly ribbon in BitLife?

     The deadly ribbon simply becomes quite a complex but necessary activity, because at this point the need arises to eat murder of a random person, companions or family, in fact it is optional, here there is no specific condition just to murder and already, to We place ourselves in the "crime" menu and touch "Murder".

     To assassinate a person it is necessary to take into account the method that we are going to use, that we can see in our drop-down menu, generally the options are to drive or go to a club, but we do not always get these options and if they are not shown, simply We will touch the X that is shown in the upper corner on the right side to choose again until the option we need appears.

     To complete this objective, it is necessary to carry out at least 5 murders, a detail that is quite complicated, since this could involve going to prison and obviously within this compound if it is definitely more difficult, but it does not mean that it is impossible, since we can count on the option of escaping and if we are lucky enough to carry out the task later.

     It is not advisable to hire a hitman because we do not know when we can get scammed, and this would bring us other extra inconveniences that we simply do not want to be with, because it could leave the person alive, not murder them and take only our money, or conversely It can become more delicate, they can try to kill us if we do not cancel after they have committed the murder, then the best thing is if we are going to opt for the deadly ribbon it is better to do it on our own even when there are risks, depending on third parties is always an inconvenience.

     Finally, with any luck we can achieve our goal and now that you know how to obtain the mortal tape it is only a matter of dedicating ourselves wisely and with good calculations to do the task in BitLife.

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