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BitLife: How to Get Famous - tips and tricks

2020-03-26 11:22:42

Find out How to become famous in this excellent and explanatory BitLife guide.

In BitLife it will not be enough for our character to be honest and have a job without a future, despite the fact that there are careers that have honest jobs, knowing how to become famous can become something that exceeds all the standards of our character, for this we will have the tips in this guide, the content will be presented in detail below.

What can we know about fame at BitLife?

It does not have much difficulty in achieving fame, only it becomes somewhat tedious, the key is to have those factors that can lead you to know how to become famous in a timely manner, if you want to be aware of the most important details we must follow the content that comes now, where the key factors are.

How to become famous in BitLife?


Our appearance must always be maintained at 90 percent or beyond, a character that has a high percentage at the beginning does not matter, only that in general if he remains high he will speed up this stage until we reach adulthood, if at first we are Below the goal, it is important to have money for activities that will allow physical improvements, such as the gym, salon and spa, even plastic surgery for stronger improvements, diseases must always be cured, this will be a factor that improves the Appearance, with 13 years it is possible and to start working occasionally in the independent area, in a single year many things can be done.


The way to our fame can be found in advertising, for this social media can influence a lot, making our name known, in the menu, activities, social media we can start, by having an account here, at 13 we will start, Publishing to call an audience, certainly at this time the followers do not mean anything, but in the future, when we start the race they will be a great factor to consider, our fame can be increased by placing the status of some famous individual, which will make our fame grow.


Once we graduate from high school the path to fame and fortune will be a long way to go, previously everything will not make sense, but as long as there are no legal problems, our appearance and work will be the only thing that matters, being a kind as an artist, education in this field will not be necessary, only that we will have more career options when we graduate, the work must be familiar with what has been studied, then comes the right decision-making and being able to do office politics, it is similar to a promotion and these are where it is possible to achieve fame, if we want to be an actor, the work must be related to the theater, cameraman, porn actor. Which will give us the impetus in the goal of becoming famous.

Knowing how to become famous is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in BitLife.

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