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We welcome you to our BitLife guide where we will talk to you about how to get accessories.

What are the accessories in BitLife?

It is something new that we can obtain, which in reality is not about earning any benefit for us, only that it will be relevant as a unique object among the options available, being these holidays and entertaining, at the time of which we load the games we will win 2 instantly totally free, only later we need to complete any of the challenges that will be presented to us live, now if we want to understand how to get accessories, let's pay attention to the following content.
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    How to get accessories in BitLife?

    Among the many possibilities with accessories we have sunglasses, hats or themes that are directly related to certain events or updates, we may choose this in the activities section, this option is at the top, taking Keep in mind that the only thing we have are clothes and sunglasses to choose from, later this can change when expanded, the focus of this is towards the face of our character, it is possible that among the things to add are piercings, tattoos , necklaces and more outfits for the face, it should be noted that these accessories were first available on iOS. Now in terms of Android, it should be expected, considering the release of these at the end of June, it means that between the middle or the end of August they will be available.

     This way we finish our BitLife guide, now you know how to get accessories, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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