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In the BitLife universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to complete the Dark Knight challenge and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about BitLife?

We are before a new challenge that is presented to us in the game, where it is necessary that we arrive by completing the challenge of the dark knight, which is directly related to the application of justice and the fight against crime, being necessary some requirements To achieve it, such as being a man, being in New York, being a CEO, having a haunted Victorian house, having a Lamborghini and a helicopter and having some black belts, this makes us think of Batman so to speak, now for what better understand How to complete the challenge of the knight of the night let's see the following text.

How to complete the Dark Knight challenge in BitLife?

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    In the first few changes, being a man and starting in New York are simple tasks, creating a new life will suffice and choosing this place from the beginning, now after this being CEO is something more complicated, since it requires constant work e hard to achieve corporate promotion, it is necessary to go through a university and study business, then go to graduate school for business, here look for work of this skill and focus on the corporate one, what we will do is work To improve the steps until you get the seat of executive vice president, general director and general of the company, going through this you have to buy a Victorian house that is haunted, which is possible from the asset screen, being something necessary say haunted.

    Then the Lamborghini and a helicopter are required, this has the same asset tree, we only have to have the money then, then we have to be studying martial arts, which happens when going to the mind and body tree, among the options a choose we will have total freedom to do so, we only have to achieve mastery of it either as a child or an adult, by completing this challenge we will become a hero of the city.

    Finally, now that we know how to complete the Dark Knight challenge we can move on in BitLife.

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