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BioShock: How to Get Nitroglycerin - Tips and tricks

2020-02-10 08:56:26

It is very important that you know how to obtain nitroglycerin in BioShock, so we prepare this quick guide to answer it.

Nitroglycerin is used in BioShock.

Nitroglycerin will be useful for you to reach Ryan and be able to move through the leaking halls of the game easily after building the EMP pump.

How to obtain nitroglycerin in BioShock.

You can get this item after Fort Frolic when Jack has to go to Hephaestus to enter Andrew Ryan's personal office. Jack will have to assemble three different components to build an EMP pump, and at this point Nitroglycerin will be very important.

As you pass through the Lower Workshop you will see the office of a supervisor Kyburz supervisor supervisor in Hephaestus. The key to access your office is the date of Australia Day, that is: 0126.

Inside the office you will have to use the telekinesis ability to remove the locks from the office that will allow you to see the nitroglycerin behind an impenetrable glass plate that you can deactivate by pressing the button next to Kyburz's desk.

There will be one last trap behind it and it is the turret that you will have to destroy or hack so that it does not harm you. Once you get rid of it, simply collect the nitroglycerin.

 This is all you have to know if you were wondering how to get nitroglycerin in BioShock, we hope our guide has been very useful for you and allows you to find Ryan as soon as possible.

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