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Wargroove Double Trouble: How to get All Commanders

2020-02-10 08:51:43

Today we carry out a Wargroove Double Trouble guide for you, we will focus on explaining everything about how to get all the commanders.

What is Wargroove Double Trouble?


  This is simply a Wargroove RPG that came out in 2008, and brings with it a lot of inspiration in Advance Wars, so that we are probably somewhat familiar, in one way or another simply this action game takes us through this guide to get 3 new commanders and here we have the details of it.

How to get all commanders in Wargroove Double Trouble?


 It is good to know that the downloadable content is available for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms, this content is simply a Duble Trouble DLC, and the best of all is that it is free, just by entering the digital store of the platform on which we are playing, download and install it, so that we can play cooperatively, because we see this in the history menu, so unlocking new commanders is usually done through history in this game.


 What are the 3 new commanders in Wargroove Double Trouble?


 There are 3 new commanders but so far we have been able to unlock only one and as we unlock them we will update our guide for all.


  •  Errol and Orla.
  • Vesper


 Wulfur: this commander is unlocked at the end of the first mission of Double Trouble, it is only necessary to unlock the other two additional and thus manage to play in the Arcade mode, because with this we get a great challenge and it is precisely with that, with which We can make use of Groove powers so that we are able to face different situations, because here we have the possibility of getting riflemen and thieves, these new units, whose main objective is long-distance combat and looting, placing each Better standing in this game.

 This is simply all you need to know about how to get all the commanders in Wargroove Double Trouble, but neglect not to stay there, pending because as the others are unlocked we will be making updates to our guide so you can get it yourself too.

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