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Delve into the universe of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, since today we are going to tell you how to use the runes.

What to know about the runes in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

With the runes it is possible to improve our weapons and equipment, which allows us to obtain an additional advantage due to the change that they cause in our objects and what it brings with it when acting on said object, now it is ideal that we understand how to use runes and for this we have the support of the following content.

How to use the runes in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

We have to enter our inventory, choose the weapon or armor that we want to use and then just add it to the rune, thus having the fact of applying them to both weapons and armor, in this way we will achieve through such an update the increase in The slots in which you can add and obtain modifications in the statistics and the effects of these, there are 2 kinds of runes in the game, which allow us to obtain a better balance between the minor and major runes that will be necessary to be a better opponent in battles.
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The armor runes are as follows:

  • Minor Rune of Life: 11.0 in health
  • Rune of Life: Brings 14.9 in Health
  • Minor Shell Rune: has a 3.0 armor
  • Minor Aegis Rune - Elite Stamina at 11.4
  • Minor Protection Rune - Light Resistance is improved by 2.7
  • Rune of Protection - At 2.7 improves light resistance
  • Shadow Rune: Stealth damage by 1.5
  • Minor Rune of Safeguard: At 1.5 rank stamina
  • Minor Bulwark Rune - Heavy Stamina 2.0
  • Minor Rune of Remedy: Poison Resistance at 1.0
  • Minor Rain Rune - 1.0 Fire Resistance
  • Minor Warrior Rune - Melee Damage 1.0
  • Minor Water Rune - Fire resistance built in 1.0
  • Minor Evasion Rune: Evasion 1.0
  • Minor Antidote Rune - 1.0 Poison Resistance
  • The runes of the weapons are as follows:
  • Minor Rune of Scout - 1.4 Headshot Damage
  • Headhunter Rune - 1.9 Head Damage
  • Rune of Minor Strength - Serious Damage at 3.0
  • Rune of Strength - Heavy Damage in 4.0
  • Minor Tactic Rune - Skill Damage at 5.0
  • Rune of Impulse: damage per light hit is increased up to 6 times
  • Minor Shadow Rune - Stealth in 5.0
  • Minor Toxic Rune - Poison Stack at 2.0
  • Minor Blast Rune - Fire Stack at 2.0
  • Minor Perfection Rune - Critical Damage at 4.0
  • Minor Flanking Rune - Back Damage at 5.0
  • Minor Runt Rune - Stun in 3.0
  • Rune of Minor Haste - Speed ​​in 1.0
  • Minor Rune of Agility - Light Damage at 5.0
  • Minor Combustion Rune - Fire damage at 2.0
  • Rune of Tactics - Skill Damage at 5.0
  • Minor Drengiligr Rune: Elite Damage at 3.0
  • Minor Feather Rune: Weight at -1.0
  • Rune of Fury - Attack in 3.2
  • Minor Rune Rune - The Attack in 2.4
  • Minor Assassin Rune - Assassination Damage in 2.0

Knowing how to use the runes is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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