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Ark Survival Evolved: How To Light A Campfire - Tips and tricks

2020-12-07 08:02:01

This time we return with a Ark Survival Evolved guide with the objective of explaining how to light a campfire.

What to know about Ark Survival Evolved?

Survival is of vital importance in this game, where to help ourselves we have the possibility of using the campfire, this to avoid drops in temperature and hunger that can lead us to death, to understand How to light a campfire we must be clear about some aspects, among which we have to build it and place it on the ground is when it is time to turn it on, now let's see what follows in the next content.

How to light a campfire in Ark Survival Evolved?

  • We have to put the fuel, be it straw, wood or spark dust in the inventory of this.
  • To do this, we choose from our inventory the object of the campfire, having to put it in the empty space of the same to pass the material
  • Press either the Y or Triangle or E to activate according to our platform

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    In this way, the campfire will be lit, which helps us against the cold, make raw food and even light in the place that is surrounding us, to turn it off we just have to press the same button that we use to light it, the resources so that Let's manage to turn it on like straw is obtained from trees, they only have to be hit with a tool so that the straw is cultivated, now the wood is obtained from the same trees but with our own hands, being very efficient the use of a tool or the Dino Power, finally we have the gunpowder, where it is required to grind Flint with stone in the mortar to get 2 of this precious resource.

    Now that you know how to light a campfire, just do it and continue enjoying everything that this Ark Survival Evolved offers us.

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