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We’ve got to hand it to Microsoft. Not only did they open up a new world of possibilities when they introduced the Windows platform (and arguments amongst Mac and Windows users), but the Xbox brought in a new era of gaming. Now, with a new Xbox console on the horizon, everyone’s getting as much use out of their Xbox One as they can. Along with revisiting old games and new ones, players can also enjoy a vast selection of games to play for free. Neat, right?

Some of the best games right now

While Battlegrounds may have set the scene for the explosive multiplayer action we’ve seen of late, it’s Fortnite which has become the most popular free to play game on the Xbox One. The premise behind it is that it’s a free to play (F2P) online coop game set in a Battle Royale mode. You begin by parachuting into an island with 99 other players. You need to start your search for weapons and gear and begin the quest to be the last one standing. So not really that much coop action as you’re going to finish whoever you team up with. Let’s just say, Fortnite may have ended a lot of friendships. But it’s worth it.

Other notable Battle Royale games include Apex Legends, a nice challenge to Fortnite. With fewer cartoon graphics than its competition, this squad-based shooter serves up fun characters and defined skills, making it popular with gamers who are more ‘professional’ when it comes to blasting away the opposition. The game begins with the majority of characters unlocked, with the others made available, the more you play. But of course, like all these free games, there is in-game currency (which you can use your real-world currency to buy) and loot boxes to kit out your character further.

The last in this roundup of free shooters are Paladins, a free game that might make Overwatch players want to send their game back. It’s colourful, it’s strange, and its classes play an important role. For example, the Front Line provide support while the Damage class do… damage… and the Flank help from a distance. There are over 30 characters to try out, giving this game extra longevity before you have to consider putting any money towards it.

How did it all start?

We’ve got the PC to thank for that. PC gamers will let you know that they’re “real gamers”, kitting out their desktops with the latest RAM and graphic cards. And they’ve got good reason to as well because for years they’ve been able to enjoy free games. Steam made loads of games available for free and following suit from that, developers decided to keep on rewarding PC players with even more free games. We’ve seen Raid: Shadow Legend become exceptionally popular with RPG players, while the card afficionados have enjoyed entertaining poker games, with free sites like Replay Poker, and military enthusiasts can get lost in a World of Tanks.

Once one trend has kicked in, it doesn’t take long for other companies and developers to get on the bandwagon. And we’re glad they did as it’s meant lots of games have been available for free on Xbox One. The majority of them feature in-game currency, and it’s entirely up to you if you want to spend, but you can also enjoy them for free too.

It’s not all about shooters

While Fortnite may dominate the news, and that’s probably because of all the dance moves, there are games of every genre available for free. Take Warframe for example; a third-person ninja inspired game that combines melee attacks and sci-fi themes. Jump around like a crazy circus act, attack your enemies and explore the quests and deathmatches available. Or maybe you want to sit down and try your hand at Gwent. Yes, the card game from The Witcher 3 now has its own game and is free to play. If you want to sing “toss a coin to your witcher”, that’s entirely optional.

Multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) are another popular category, and you have Smite to thank for its increase in popularity. Another third-person perspective and objectives that include smiting your opponents, it’s kill-spree action at its best. It also comes with a rotation of free-to-try heroes so you can always try something different. Of course, if you want to buy any of the characters to keep, you can.

You can also try great beat ‘em ups in the form of Killer Instinct or Dead or Alive 5. While the full experience does require a cost, you can still try them out for free, which is great if you’re not a huge fighting fan. And if you’re a superhero fan, try out DC Universe Online, an MMORPG that made a move from being a Sony exclusive to Xbox One. A good move too as it brought new content and quests with it. Create your own hero or villain and be released into the DC world. If you love DC, you’ll love this.

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