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Failures are a very normal topic in Apex Legends and that is why today we are going to talk to you about How to correct the engine error reading the PAK file

What is engine error reading PAK file in Apex Legends?

All games tend to have bugs, some perhaps with more relevance and in greater numbers than others, in this sense it is necessary to talk about How to correct the engine error reading the PAK file, since recently we have gotten ourselves with a problem that may come to seem somewhat common, but fortunately has quite simple solutions, which may include updates to the operating system or simply graphics cards that may be out of date and thus make us stumble upon this error.

How to fix engine error reading PAK file in Apex Legends?

 It should be noted that this game is available for almost all platforms which means that it has a considerable number of players and therefore these may be presenting problems, in this sense, knowing how to correct the engine error reading PAK file leads us to update ourselves, especially because we are facing a free online expansion that we cannot waste and brings us more interesting activities, therefore, solving this failure that is shown to us as a reading error is simply a task that we must do as soon as possible and to help you with it we are here.
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Here are some solutions that you can perfectly well apply and thus continue to enjoy Apex Legends.

Update the operating system: One of the reasons why games tend to have more problems is related to operating systems that may be outdated and this means that the expansions of some games may be affected, so knowing how to correct the error of the engine when reading PAK file makes us take care of updating Windows and this is done in this way:


  •  We open the Windows configuration menu and for this it is necessary to press the Windows key I.
  • Then we proceed to press "Update and security".
  • Then we click "Check for updates" from the Windows Update section.
  • Check if there is an update available and proceed to click on "Download and install".
  • To finish once this has been downloaded and installed we proceed to restart our PC and ready to play Apex Legends.


 Repair corrupt files: there is the possibility of finding ourselves faced with the possibility that some files may simply be corrupt in Apex Legends, this means that it will be necessary to eliminate them or simply repair them, because with this we can continue to enjoy this game, which makes it vital to know How to correct the engine error reading PAK file, and this makes us choose to implement this repair or deletion of files according to the launcher we have, as we remember that some users use Steam, while others choose Origin and for each case it is necessary:



  •  Verify that Apex Legends is closed.
  • Proceed to start the Steam client.
  • Next we go to library
  • We proceed to click with the right mouse button on Apex Legends located in the left panel.
  • We proceed to go over "Manage" and choose to click on "Browse local files"
  • We locate the installed game and this opens a File Explorer window.
  • We proceed to eliminate the application file r5apex.exe
  • We close the file explorer.
  • We go back to the Steam launcher and right-click on the game.
  • We proceed to select "Properties"
  • We click on "Local Files".
  • We chose to choose "Verify the integrity of the game files"
  • We wait a few minutes while this process completes, and it brings us the deleted application file back.
  • To finish we restart Steam and that's it.


  •  Verify that Apex Legends is closed.
  • Choose to open the Origin client.
  • Proceed to click on the top corner on the left side.
  • We click on "Application Settings".
  • We proceed to open "Installations and Saved".
  • We check the path of the game library.
  • We chose to open the File Explorer in order to enter the game folder.
  • We proceed to eliminate the application file r5apex.exe
  • We return again to the Origin client to click on "My game library"
  • Choose to select Apex Legends and click on the gear icon in order to open the configuration menu.
  • Then we click on "Repair" and wait a few minutes while this process is completed.
  • Next we close the Origin client.
  • To finish we start again and that's it.


 Update the graphics drivers: the graphics drivers generally must be updated, because every time a game or expansion is launched they require it and when they are not updated we are prone to suffer many problems, and therefore it is necessary to do the following:


  •  Open the quick access menu and for this we press Windows X.
  • Then we click on "Device Manager"
  • We proceed to double-click on "Display adapters in order to expand the drop-down list"
  • Then we right-click on the dedicated graphics controller.
  • Then we select "Update driver"
  • We proceed to choose "Automatically search for drivers"
  • If there are updates available, these will be downloaded and installed automatically, specifically locating the latest version.
  • We proceed to restart the PC.
  • To finish we apply the changes and that's it.


In this sense, knowing how to correct the engine error reading PAK file allows us to be able to play Apex Legends normally and in this way get the most out of it.

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