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With our help you will see that knowing How to Beat the Chameleon Boss in Animal Well is easier than you thought with specific details.

What to know about the chameleon boss in Animal Well?

After entering the Chameleon room, we will notice a hedgehog enemy walking under the log we are on. The objective is for the Chameleon to eat all five, which is actually relatively easy if we understand the design of the boss, to help us in terms of How to Beat the Chameleon Boss in Animal Well let's see the following content.

How to Beat the Chameleon Boss in Animal Well?

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During combat, the Chameleon will try to eat us with its tongue. He will do this three times, then fire five bullets across the screen and the cycle will repeat. The bullets only damage one heart, and only one of them will hit us if we stay completely still, so we will only have to worry about avoiding the Chameleon's tongue and making it eat the hedgehog. Fortunately, there is a simple strategy for this. We must stay in front of the first hedgehog until the sound effect created by us is heard just before the chameleon attacks. When doing this, they will want to move quickly so that the tongue catches the hedgehog and not us. It is best to try to feed our baby two hedgehogs in the first cycle and then three in the second cycle. Once all five have been eaten, the Chameleon will leave, allowing us to follow him off screen and receive a reward.

Where to use V.Flame in Animal Well

In the next room, we find a glass sphere containing the key item V.Flame. After collecting it, we must go to the room with the boss statue, which is the area that connects the 4 main areas of the game. If we approach the Chameleon statue with V.Flame in our inventory, we will be prompted to turn on the statue's beacon, after which we can move on to the next area.

This is all we need to know regarding How to Beat the Chameleon Boss in Animal Well, following the instructions it is possible to easily exit this stage of the game, it will be up to us to do so.

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