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We welcome you to our guide, in which we will have covered All Frox locations in Tears of the Kingdom with details.

What to know about Frox locations in Tears of the Kingdom?

Frox can only be found in the Depths. Luckily, they are easy to find because they are outside. All we need to know are his coordinates, so to help us in this guide All Frox locations in Tears of the Kingdom will be indicated below, let's see.

What are All Frox locations in Tears of the Kingdom?

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  • 1: Southeast of Takaruk Lightroot and southwest of Kegop Lightroot you will find an Obsidian Frog. It is located in the clearing below, where Trotter's Fall is located on the surface map. Its coordinates are (3036, -0867, -0512).
  • 2: Head northeast from Korakut Lightroot and southwest from Nojoj Lightroot, you will see blue and white Phrox. The narrow corridor formed by the Hylia River and the Lanayru Swamp makes this creature easy to spot if you fly in a seaplane. Its coordinates are (1005, -0085, -0465).
  • 3: Another blue and white Phrox can be found west of the old observatory and me in Taft Canyon. It is located just north of the wall that forms the Clarinet Coast and Aris Beach on the surface. If you like fast travel, the best way is to go to Mimufis Lightroot and head southwest. Its coordinates are (2135, -3519, -0447).
  • 4: Further west of this Phrox, you will find another Phrox obsidian. It is located just east of Kohsust Lightroot. In fact, it's so close that you can see it with Kohsustu Lightroot. Its coordinates are (0738, -3378, -0478).
  • 5: Common Frox can be found northeast of Nikoshi Lightroot. It's easiest to get to if you head directly north of Puppetto Grove. Its coordinates are (-0331, 3117, -0463).
  • 6: Northwest of the previous one is another Phrox. It is located southeast of the Gila Canyon mine, right between the four Zonai platforms. Its coordinates are (-0816, -2905, -0515).
  • 7: Another Phrox can be found northeast of Cavatic Lightroot. However, you will have to climb a bit to reach it. It is located in a clearing to the right of where Spectacle Rock is located on the surface. Its coordinates are (-1851, -2712, -0580).
  • 8: There is another Phrox that can be seen just north of Amakawi Lightroot. It's close enough that you can see it without leaving Lightroot, although there are enemy camps nearby so you'll have to be careful. Its coordinates are (-2456, -3257, -0470).
  • 9: You can actually find another Common Frox east of Amakawi Lightroot. But you won't see it from there. You will have to walk a little. It is located on a vacant lot with coordinates (-2682, -3354, -0442).
  • 10: The next frog can be found northeast of Gataharaka Lightroot and southwest of Mihchihik Lightroot. Its coordinates are (-3392, -3241, -0467).
  • 11: If you go northeast of Michiquik Lightroot, you can find Obsidian Phrox. The quickest way to get there is via the abandoned Kara-Kara mine and Tatayam Lightroot. Head southeast to coordinates (-3059, -2668, -0461) for a safe viewing angle.
  • 12: You can find another Obsidian Phrox in the bottom left corner of the map, just below Gonatoirim Lightroot. Just head south and you'll find it at coordinates (-4717, -3428, -0469).
  • 13: The next Obsidian Phrox can be found northwest of Gonatoiros Lightroot and the abandoned Gerudo Mine. It is located just to the left of the Zonai platform, north of the mine. Its coordinates are (-4045, -2564, -0491).
  • 14: If you reach Umamustor Lightroot, you can glide over to the blue and white Phrox in the southwest. Its coordinates are (-3551, -1544, -0805).
  • 15: Head a little further west to Stamayam Lightroot and you'll be within range of another blue and white Phrox. This creature lives in open fields north of Lightroot, its coordinates are (-4709, -1308, -0940).
  • 16: North of where Spectacle Rock is located in the world, southwest of Jadukakar Lightroot, you will find another common Phrox. It is located between Kimakarut Lightroot and Jadukakar Lightroot. However, if you want to get there, you will have to cross the wall that forms the Kukot Plateau. Its coordinates are (-2184, -1949, -0584).
  • 17: Head east from the Abandoned Large Central Mine and southwest from Nuzimak Lightroot and you can find a normal Frox. It is located on a vacant lot and its coordinates are (-0320, -1851, -0462).
  • 18: Northwest of Nogukoik Lightroot, just after the Zonai Material Platform, you'll find another Phrox. It is also located southwest of Nihkayam Lightroot, east of the upper left corner of Lake Colomo. Its coordinates are (-0759, -1131, -0470).
  • 19: Northwest of Stakijat Lightroot is another Phrox. Although you can't see it from Lightroot, a short walk will take you to seerlo. Its coordinates are (0259, -0944, -0478).
  • 20: You can find another Phrox southeast of Gadosh Lightroot and southeast of Sinoiq Lightroot. They are located approximately the same distance apart, so each is the optimal starting position. You'll find Phrox northwest of the upper left wall of the Lulling Observatory. coordinates (-0576, 0188, -0465)
  • 21: Far below the leftmost island in the moat of Hyrule Castle is a blue and white Phrox. However, the only way to reach this part of the Depths is through the western moat of Hyrule Castle. After diving there, head to the center of the island and meet Phrox, who is very difficult to miss. Its coordinates are (-083, 0792, -0465).
  • 22: Northwest of Kavacanis Lightroot you will find an Obsidian Frog. You won't be able to see Frox from Lightroot, but a short walk will show him. Go to the coordinates (-1314, 0983, -5451) to see clearly. 23: East of the Roam Canyon Mine you will find another Phrox Obsidian. You'll have to walk a bit to get here, as it's conveniently located in a clearing beneath the Ludfo Swamp, deep in the Ceres Scablands. Its coordinates are (-2321, 0444, -0549).
  • 24: Between Koro Nui Lightcourt and Kataki Lightroot there are Blue Frogs and White Frogs. It's in the dark spots between Lightroots and the great outdoors, so you can't miss it. Its coordinates are (-3647, 0941, -0552).
  • 25: South of Phrox's previous location and northeast of Sasag Lightroot, you will find another blue and white Phrox. Its coordinates are (-3849, 0616, -0574).
  • 26: Head north on the map towards Nupisoyuat Lightroot, you need to go up and head southeast. You'll find a large clearing and another blue and white Phrox. Just be careful not to jump into the wrong arena, as there is a boss fight with Kolgera north of that arena. Its coordinates are (-4454, 2720, -0667).
  • 27: To get another blue and white Phrox, you need to go to Worihas Lightroot. From here you must head northeast, towards the well. However, if you want to get there faster, you will have to climb quite a bit. When you reach the top, jump down and you will find Frox (-3258, 2644, -0888).
  • 28: South of Aduon Lightroot you will find another blue and white Phrox. Like the last Frox, you'll have to climb up a bit to reach it. However, its location is near the Ascension Point, where you can exit the chasm without having to move quickly. Its coordinates are (-2308, 2031, -0715).
  • 29: You can find another blue and white Phrox southwest of Muihkoro Lightroot. It's a short hike that doesn't require climbing or jumping, so you should be able to find it without any problems. Its coordinates are (-1778, 2496, -0667).
  • 30: West of U-Nasoso, Lightroot turns back into a blue and white frog. Getting there is as simple as going west and you will find it at the coordinates (-1696, 3468, -0677).
  • 31: Phrox followed by Obsidian Phrox. It can be found by going to Iswayam Lightroot and going down the northeast ledge. However, be careful because there is an enemy camp right next to which you will have to flee. Its coordinates are (-0998.2814, -0619).
  • 32: There is another Obsidian Phrox that can be found southeast of Yoeyuik Lightroot and northwest of Netamnet Lightroot. It is also very close to the Elma Knolls Chasm. Its coordinates are (-0866, 1793, -0545).
  • 33: At the bottom of the eastern moat of Hyrule Castle, a blue and white Phrox can be found. Down in the Depths single cell, it was easy to find. Apapas Lightroot is also located there, its coordinates are (0253, 0887, -0473).
  • 34: You can find Obsidian Phrox northeast of Nikakik Lightroot. It is also located southwest of the Drene Plateau Chasm. If you go there for Nikakik Lightroot, you will have to do a lot of climbing. Remember, Ascend is your best friend! Its coordinates are (-0179, 2912, -0616).
  • 35: Head towards Kateni Lightroot, you will find an Obsidian Frog in the southeast. It is so close that you can see it directly from the Lightroot location. Its coordinates are (0493, 3457, -0592).
  • 36: From Kawamite Lightroot northeast is Common Frox. However, since this place is near Death Mountain and is basically Firelink Shrine, you'll need fire armor if you don't want to get burned. It's a short hike from Lightroot. Slide into the open area and you'll find Phrox. Its coordinates are (2030, 1691, -0755).
  • 37: You can find Obsidian Phroxa south of Anonymous Lightroot and northwest of Winoge Lightroot. However, if you want to get to the boss, you'll have to climb a bit in both places. Its coordinates are (2545, 0844, -0501).
  • 38: South of Kavikatasar Lightroot you will find another Phrox obsidian. To get to it, simply head south until you reach it. Its coordinates are (4125, 1093, -0687).
  • 39: The last Phrox (Obsidian Phrox) can be found southeast of Akinatanis Lightroot and right in the abyss of the eastern plains of Akkala. If you're surface diving and want to take on one of these bad boys, this is the abyss where you can do it. A short climb from Lightroot and run a short distance until you come face to face with him. Its coordinates are (3978, 2208, -0469).

Differences between Phrox, Obsidian Phrox and Green and White Phrox

There are three types of Phrox: Regular Phrox, Obsidian Phrox, and Blue and White Phrox. The colors represent the strength of the enemy, and the blue and white Phrox have significantly higher health than the normal Phrox. Obsidian frogs are between normal frogs and green and white frogs. Enemies also have different drops (Frox Fang, Obsidian Frox Fang, Blue-White Frox Fang) which can be useful if you need a specific part of the monster. No matter how difficult it is to defeat them, you can still use the same strategy against all three varieties. How to beat Frox in TotK, Start by moving away from the enemy, this will give you more time to avoid their attacks. To defeat Frox, you must destroy all the stones on his back. This will be much easier if you stun Phrox. There are several ways to stun Phrox:

Shoot him in the eye with an arrow. As you inhale, shoot/throw a flower bomb into your mouth. Throw a Zonai Time Bomb while inhaling. (Make sure you run so you don't get swallowed!), When Frox is stunned, put your hand behind his back and start smashing the ore plugs there. Blunt weapons, such as clubs, hammers, and maces, are most effective at breaking rocks. After a while, Frox will push you, then you can repeat the process of stunning him, running on his back, and breaking rocks.

In conclusion, knowing All Frox locations in Tears of the Kingdom is interesting because it allows us to develop and have fun while we progress in this great adventure.

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