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Among Us has arrived with all the irons to take care of us and this allows us to tell you how to play hide and seek

Is it possible to hide in Among Us?

  The truth is that its and this is carried out that there is the possibility of being able to change the format of this game, because here we have companions and impostors simultaneously, in addition to different scenarios which allow us to have a more open panorama, in this way we get that knowing how to play hide and seek can make this a personalized game, which allows us to have a little more creativity and with it some competition scenarios to play.
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    How to play hide and seek in Among Us?

     It is necessary to understand that there are some necessary rules to make this game an entertaining time, where the enjoyment is for everyone equally, where the impostor must look for the other players and obviously the rest of the players will choose to avoid being found, sun with a disadvantage between the impostor and the teammates, since the impostor will have 0.25x while the companions will have 5x, which can be an advantage since the main objective of this game is to finish all the activities without being detected or eliminated by the impostor.


     To play hide and seek you need:

    •  Allow crewmates to run and hide within 10 seconds.
    • Avoid reporting bodies, arguing, voting, or calling emergency meetings.
    • The imposter can only sabotage communications.
    • It is not possible to approach the administration console or the security cameras as well as any element that allows to know the location of the colleagues.
    • During this game the ghosts can continue to carry out their respective tasks.
    • There is no possibility of camping for a long time.


    In addition, to play hide and seek it is necessary to consider the following settings:

    •  Check that the preferred map is Skeld
    • That the number of players is a minimum of 6.
    • It is necessary to maintain normal speed.
    • Consider the vision to be 5x for the crewmates and 0.25x for the impostor.
    • It takes 10 seconds to kill the cooldown.
    • It is important to be clear that the death distance is Short.
    • Check that the preferred tasks are short.

     Now that you know how to play hide and seek, it's time to try it and get the most out in Among Us.

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