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Angel Marquez
2021-01-08 04:57:45

More about: Among Us

With our help you will see that knowing how to install on a Chromebook is easier than you thought in Among Us.

What to know about Among Us?

Certainly the recognition that this game has had it is necessary to highlight it, the gameplay that leads us to carry out different tasks determined having the crewmates or the impostors, we will get to perform tasks according to the assigned role, taking into account the availability on different platforms such as The Android, iPhone for a while, now it is presented recently for the Nintendo Switch and in the course of the year it is available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series, at this moment the conversation object is to know how to install on a Chromebook and for reason we will go to the explanation with details about it below.

How to install Among Us on a Chromebook?

There are a total of 4 different options with which we can solve How to install on a Among Us Chromebook, these being the Play Store, outside the Play Store, Linux and Wine, but to get an idea with details of how to do it, let's see the explanation of each of the methods in the following content:
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With Play Store support: it is the most appropriate choice if it is available, but it requires the support of the games store, if it is the first time an application will be installed through the Play Store, it must be enabled first, then to see How to install Among Us on a Chromebook we will do the following:

  •  We enter configuration by clicking on activate Play Store
  • Play Store should appear on our Chromebook, start it and run the game
  • Next to the game we have to press to install and wait for the process to complete
  • Then it is possible from the applications to execute it


 Without using the Play Store: in the event that our Chromebook does not support Play Stores, it is possible to use the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud, then as for How to install on a Chromebook, start by downloading the PC version of Among Us through Steam, considering the payment for this, while if we have it from before for this option we will not have to pay it again, then let's do the following:

  •  You have to go to the GeForce Now website
  • We look for the game and enter Play
  • When our team is ready we give you to continue
  • The next thing is to log in to Steam and buy the game if we do not have it


 With Linux: it is possible to install the Linux version of Steam, with which it is possible to see How to install on a Chromebook, once we have downloaded it we have to make the purchase of Among Us, only to do it we have to work a little more and for them, we follow the instructions below:

  •  In our Chromebook we have to enable Linux, it is possible from the configuration menu, entering Linux Beta from the left bar, then we click Turn on next to it and install
  • You have to download the Linux installer
  • We run the installer and click on install, after it is completed we launch Steam
  • Necessary files will be downloaded and then enter our credentials
  • In configuration, we go to the Steam Play option that is in the menu on the left
  • Activate the playback on Steam for the rest of the titles, and we will click OK
  • Steam will automatically restart, and we look for Among Us for purchase and download, which solves by this method How to install on a Chromebook.


 With Wine: looking not to depend on Steam, we find the open source compatibility that Wine offers us, in this way it is possible to have Windows applications in Linux and also in other operating systems, now in relation to How to install Among Us on a Chromebook for this method we will do the following:

  •  We install Wine on our Chromebook
  • Then we download the game installation file
  • We extract and the content must be transferred to the file directory that corresponds to Linux
  • We have to open the Linux terminal window to execute the command cd Among.Us.v2020.9.9s / Among.Us.v2020.9.9s
  • We finish writing wine "Among Us.exe"

 It is clear that knowing how to install on a Chromebook allows us to have more fun in Among Us.

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