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Our journey through Among Us allows us to explain how to change servers, and we are here to tell you how to do it.

Why switch servers in Among Us?

  This is a necessary task when we encounter an error related to disconnection, this usually occurs when we are in multiplayer games, because as you will remember in previous guides, the server capacity may not be able to support the considerable number of players who have opted for take Among Us as an entertainment center these days, and therefore the need arises to know how to change servers, in any case this is possible to solve it and to tell you how to do it they have us.
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    How to change servers in Among Us?


    •  There are some reasons why it is necessary to change the server and that is that sometimes we find some problems related to disconnection.
    • On the other hand, it is necessary to connect outside of the so-called peak hours, because at this time the demand is higher and this can avoid connecting, which leads us to take the option of other servers.
    • It is important to check the region and this is because on some occasions everyone has fallen asleep, therefore it is not possible to locate a match and with this it will be necessary to change the server to another region where it is possible to play.


     To change the server it is necessary to carry out a very simple process and it is the following:


    •  Start the game.
    • Then select the Online option that is indicated for multiplayer matches.
    • Then we are shown a small icon of a globe in the bottom corner of the screen.
    • We proceed to click on the icon to show us the servers that are available.
    • We choose the one that seems best to us to play among the three that are available, North America, Europe and Asia.

     Now that you know how to change servers it is time to try it, because there is nothing more interesting than taking advantage of a game and precisely Among Us is one of them, luckily.

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