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Failures usually occur in all games and for this reason we will explain how to fix stuck in chapter 4 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

What is stuck in chapter 4 in A PlagueTale Requiem?

 This is a problem that we get into in this game that has more fights to execute, only that the emotion is usually limited when we get with this problem, this leaves us frustrated because there is a point in the game where we get stuck with a unique facility, in addition to getting us with a little more difficulty in the game.

 When we get stuck it is not possible to equip the weapon, this usually occurs when we try to go down the drawbridge with the help of a soldier, here we will see that it becomes impossible to break the leg latch, so it is necessary to know how to fix stuck in chapter 4 in A Plague Tale Requiem, this because this problem usually leaves us trapped indefinitely, it should be noted that this is a problem that is usually caused by a faulty or missing flag and this prevents us from being able to use the slingshot, in addition , this is a problem that can occur on the part of Ameica after or between the beginning of the chapter and we will see that the character is usually marked either by a travel scene or by a cut scene, it is possible:


  •  Observe the speed as our character usually walks.
  • The voice lines that are usually speaking.
  • The direction in which our character is looking.


How to fix stuck on chapter 4 in A Plague Tale Requiem?

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It is important to know that there is a fix for this problem and it is precisely that a user has published through a forum an option to get rid of this inconvenience, this makes it necessary to reload the section just before we cooperated with the soldier to cross the dock, when playing the first section there is a high possibility that it will be quick to shoot the tar with a slingshot before finishing Hugo's dialogue.

Making use of two pots of ignition allows the rats to pass and not the tar, on the other hand, waiting a second time until Hugo can finish the dialogue before using the pots of tar according to Hugo's instructions, allows progress in the game. game beyond the point where we are stuck.

Returning to the main menu, it is possible to make the selection of chapters to start from The Tar Workshop, this makes it necessary to make the first tar pools with Lucas, and once this has happened, we will reach the pedestrian section to use the slingshot, a process that does not usually take much time, nothing more than a maximum of 10 minutes.

The above action is not the only thing we have stumbled upon, this is because another user, who has made it clear that this previous fix has worked for several players, has taken it upon himself to affirm that it is possible to return to the main menu of the game and proceed to select Chapter Selection and once there we will choose to load from The Tar Workshop which will take us to the game to the first time we did the tar pools with Lucas and proceed to play normally to get to the point where we were stuck earlier, we can Using the sling, this is a process that usually takes at least 10 minutes and is usually more visible than the previous fix.

Note: for now the developers are usually working on a patch, hopefully this won't take long to continue enjoying this game.

 This is all you need to know about How to fix stuck in chapter 4 in A Plague Tale Requiem, and it will be enough to alleviate any of the described fixes and that's it.

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