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In this article we'll cover everything you need to know about crafting in A Plague Tale Requiem, so pay close attention.

What is creation in A Plague Tale Requiem?

The game's crafting system will allow you to collect resources through exploration, these can be used to create items that you will need to use very often. Also, there are some crafting ways that you can access, which also applies to equipment upgrade.

How to create in A Plague Tale Requiem?

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Early in the game you will be able to access some crafting tutorials, but basically all you have to do is go to the crafting menu > hold the on-screen crafting button on the desired item.

You should keep in mind that when exploring the world, you will have to make sure to keep an eye out for the small chests and containers that you find, since there you will find materials that will allow you to craft more than one item.

You will also have to create particular elements without opening the crafting menu, for this you will have to look down at the bottom right, where the diamond shape is. Here you will find a message about what you need to create the resource, for that it is not necessary to open another menu.

Equipment can be upgraded at workbenches around the world. Search "parts" and "tools" all over the world to upgrade equipment.

You can use a knife to access some containers that have locked workbenches.

 In this way we come to the end of this article on how to create in A Plague Tale Requiem, which we hope has been very helpful and we hope that you will be able to create everything you set out to do.

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