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2024-07-10 08:33:58

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With our help you will see that knowing How to Fix the Zenless Zone Zero Unable to Find Servers Error is easier than you thought.

The release of Zenless Zone Zero is one of the biggest releases of 2025, with over 50 million downloads just days after its release. The title is a notable success for my HoYo, however, it is not optimal on the technical level due to server errors and launcher problems. If you are playing Zenless Zone Zero on the PlayStation 5 platform and encounter an error regarding lack of access to servers, it is possible to resolve this situation.

How to Fix the Zenless Zone Zero Unable to Find Servers Error

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To fix the Zenless Zone Zero can't locate servers error, you need to update the DNS settings on the PS5 to use Cloudflare's open DNS settings. This is a common problem with many multiplayer titles that have difficulty connecting to servers. Using free DNS values ​​can often improve online stability, as is the case with Zenless Zone Zero on the PS5. In this way, it is feasible to configure it.

  • First of all, please note that Zenless Zone Zero is not working.
  • Apply the Playstation 5 platform settings and select Network.
  • Set up Internet connection will be selected.
  • Now, select to use Wifi or use a LAN cable depending on the type of connection you have.
  • Select DNS Settings and proceed to configure it in the corresponding manual.
  • Next, determine the primary DNS value in version
  • Similarly, set the secondary DNS value to the number
  • The "Ready" option is selected.
  • Just in case, Restart the PS5.

Once the process is complete, Zenless Zone Zero should connect to the servers without difficulty. This is currently the only solution to the problem until my HoYo resolves it through a patch. In case this is not feasible, it is possible to use the following generic advice to resolve difficulties:

  • Select your router modem.
  • Make a different connection.
  • Please use a different network connection to start the download or connect to an initial server.

This is all there is to consider regarding solving the error Zenless Zone Zero that cannot find servers, just apply the instructions to get back to normal gameplay and your fun.

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