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Learn how to collect and use Intel in this excellent XCOM Chimera Squad explanatory guide.

  There are 3 coins in XCOM Chimera Squad, where Intel is one of them, looking for the stability of the city 31, ending the disturbances and anarchy that may arise, it becomes necessary for us to understand how to collect and use Intel, because here in this guide We will access everything necessary, therefore we will have more details of this mechanic below.
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What should we know about Intel in XCOM Chimera Squad?

We find one of the resources necessary for us to suffocate our people, the Intel serves as a support to avoid the loss of the game, to have more detailed ideas, we will continue with this interesting reading.

How to collect and use Intel in XCOM Chimera Squad?

 Through the use of field equipment we will be able to obtain Intel in the best way, which we will have to unlock, when special abilities are unlocked, in the same way as in many systems, it is necessary to spend Intel to carry out missions Our team, in the end is something that will be worth it, it is possible that if we lose access to a specific unit for several days as a reward for the mission of Spec Ops, which will give us the opportunity to get about 65 Intel once We complete it, which is the best way to cultivate Intel, by completing missions, operations and the different situations our reward will be Intel, even the capture of the enemies gives us access to Intel through them, so we have many different possibilities to get this coin.

 In this way we can say that we already know how to collect and use Intel, which will help us to progress and have fun in XCOM Chimera Squad.

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