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Ambar Jimenez
2023-11-07 13:39:17

Having first launched in 2016 to a rapturous response from critics and gamers, Xbox Play Anywhere poses truly disruptive potential for the gaming industry worldwide. Based on the idea of cohesive cross-platform integration, Xbox Play Anywhere has taken a few years to develop into its current form - but what exactly is the Xbox Play Anywhere service, and what are the main benefits for gamers?

What is Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere is a revolutionary Microsoft initiative that aims to enable players to enjoy diverse video game titles across a wide range of devices and platforms. Once a customer has purchased a compatible game, they should then be able to play that title on any device supported by the Play Anywhere scheme - at present, supported platforms include Windows 10/11 smartphones, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The disruptive potential of Xbox Play Anywhere has been a hot topic amongst gamers and industry experts since as far back as at least 2020, with the release of the ninth generation of platforms including the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It's thought that the Play Anywhere scheme could bring platform-exclusive gaming as we know it to an end, with video game lovers able to easily traverse the boundaries that previously existed between the main platforms.

Xbox Play Anywhere Games Selection

At present, there is an exceptional range of games supported by Xbox Play Anywhere, including some of the most popular Microsoft video games on the market. This includes top titles such as the Bethedsa Game Studios action/RPG hit Starfield, as well as remastered versions of classic Eidos Interactive titles including the original Tomb Raider Trilogy. Because the service can be used to access both popular Microsoft titles and those previously playable on PlayStation consoles, Xbox Play Anywhere is truly versatile and squarely aimed at all gaming enthusiasts, regardless of their so-called' platform loyalty'. As 2023 comes to an end, our selection of the most-played titles on Xbox Play Anywhere includes Halo Infinite, Football Manager 2023 Console, ARK: Survival Evolved, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide, and Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition.

Can You Play Casino Games with Xbox Play Anywhere

As well as a vast selection of popular console-friendly game titles, players may also have access to an increasing range of real money games, most usually found at the best online casinos for AB players, such as Alberta Casino. You can find out more about how Canadians rated Play Alberta Casino and similar real money casino sites in the region to get a better idea of the kind of games on offer. Due to the smartphone-friendly nature of Xbox Play Anywhere, it's highly likely that the worlds of video games and casino games will collide and even become indistinguishable in the near future. Real money games already accessible for Play Anywhere include Doodle Mafia, Spacelords, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and Danganronpa V3. Other popular casino-related titles currently accessible for cross-platform play include Grand Theft Auto 5 - The Diamond Casino and Resort, Pure Hold 'em, and The Four Kings - Casino and Slots.

The Benefits of Using Xbox Play Anywhere

As well as facilitating the cross-platform integration of a comprehensive selection of internationally popular video games, Xbox Play Anywhere holds a variety of potential benefits for gamers, operators and developers alike. One of the most exciting features of the initiative is the fact that it applies a single currency that can be used for purchases across multiple platforms and countries all over the world in the form of Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points can be reliably and safely used to buy games, videos, music, and a range of other consumer-friendly content. What's more, Xbox Play Anywhere users can also make use of a Windows Live-enabled single identity across multiple platforms, which means they won't have to log in or out when moving between supported gaming sites, consoles, or devices. Players are able to sync their friends lists across multiple platforms, enjoy cross-platform multiplayer games online, and even make use of high-quality text, video, and audio chat to communicate with their peers without ever having to remember multiple passwords or log-ins. Essentially, Xbox Play Anywhere facilitates a more socialized, all-encompassing, and reliable form of console gaming that should suit any gamer down to the ground, no matter what their preferred console may be.

The Future of Cross-Platform Video Gaming

Whether you prefer playing action-packed tactical shooter games like Rainbow Six: Extraction or safe and secure real money casino fare such as Pure Hold 'em, you're sure to reap numerous benefits by making use of the revolutionary Xbox Play Anywhere service. Although it has taken nearly a decade for the initiative to truly come into its own, we're now at a stage where technological developments and increasing access to smartphones have led to the Play Anywhere service finally fulfilling its transformative potential. With global gaming revenue surpassing a record value of 200 billion USD in 2022, it seems that video gaming is bigger than ever. While Microsoft may currently be leading the way in terms of cross-platform integrated gaming, it seems highly likely that other operators will follow suit. It's also likely that, in the near future, real money gamers will also be able to access a wider range of casino games that are currently accessible for play exclusively via legal casino sites in Alberta and, indeed, around the world.


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