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Ambar Jimenez
2020-06-18 21:58:29

Today we want to look at what yet unannounced games are likely to come to Xbox Series X, and how you should be able to play them. This is necessary because, so far, the announcements from Microsoft and major developers have largely focussed on the biggest releases. It's important to note though that just as with the Xbox One, many free or cheap games on the system are practically guaranteed.

Free to Play Games

Many of the biggest games in the world right now are F2P, so it makes sense that a lot of these will eventually make the leap across generations. Probably the biggest of these which hasn’t yet been announced is Apex Legends, which is already extremely successful on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Apex Legends is also interesting because of how it originally launched with little warning or fanfare, while still going on to become a massive hit, so it might similarly appear out of the blue on Series X.

Also likely to either launch on the platform or arrive shortly after is the similarly successful Xbox One games World of Tanks, Paladins, and Path of Exile. Series X could even go a step further, due to its better support of a mouse and keyboard setup.
If this support measures up, it might be possible to port traditionally PC-locked F2P experiences like DOTA 2 and LoL to Series X. While this is just speculation on our part, it has been this one issue of control that has been the deciding factor holding back these ports so far, so this might prove an area to watch.

Cheap or Free Browser Gaming

Another exciting area to watch when it comes to cheap or free gaming comes from better browser support. Traditionally, browser games on the internet were relegated to Flash, a system that was not widely supported by console browsers. In the last few years, Flash has effectively been abandoned as it is usurped by the safer and more flexible additions to HTML5. Developers have been exploring HTML5 as a platform for making browser games, with games such as Doodle Jump and Bejeweled making the transition.
Since Series X was built with proper HTML5 integration in mind, this should render an enormous range of browser games, and their surrounding systems largely or entirely compatible. For example, a lot of fans of online casinos have more fun when playing on their couch, and Series X could make this possible. From using the better browser compatibility to search through different bonus offers like free spins and deposit matches to loading and playing on the websites themselves, new upgrades could open this world like never before.

Xbox Game Pass

The final system worth mentioning is the already very popular Xbox Game Pass. Essentially by paying a monthly fee, this service gives members access to unlimited play over a hundred different games during their active period. Costing only $15 a month, this system also commonly gives players access to new releases like Gears of War 5.

In other words, the Game Pass will give players an instant way to play an enormous quantity of announced and yet unannounced games far cheaper than with traditional purchase methods. Given that the Series X is expected to be expensive, this could be a great investment following the system’s launch later this year.

Whatever avenue you wish to pursue when the Series X does eventually reach our homes, the situation for free or low-cost gaming is better than ever before. Whether going for F2P, browser games, or the Game Pass route, an enormous range of great games should be accessible right from the get-go. Let’s just hope upgradable storage is on the cheaper end.


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