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2021-12-20 08:59:19

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Wytchwood has arrived and with it various activities, let's see How to destroy the Fairy Shrines.

Why destroy the Fairy Shrines in Wytchwood?

Because they are one of the creatures that are usually present in this game and that have some necessary fragments, in this sense it is necessary to consider that the Pixies are not willing to part with 3 of them only that they are not necessarily usually willing to To get rid of them and in this sense, it is necessary to embark on a job that involves knowing how to destroy the fairy sanctuaries, this because the fairies emanate a bright light that usually scares the Pixies and that is where we enter.

How to destroy the Fairy Shrines in Wytchwood?

It is necessary to undertake a search where it is usually necessary to consider that we must be in charge of neutralizing the fairy or fairies, then we must interact with the sanctuary in order to destroy it, in this sense, it is necessary to locate the respective sanctuaries, for our good luckily these do not usually have a respective order to destroy them.

It is necessary to eliminate the dryad that is nearby, for this we must consider having an ash box, it can be manufactured with:
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  • 1 campfire ember.
  • 1 rodent butter.
  • 3 fireflies.


 We must take care of equipping the ashtray and wait for the dryad to approach to proceed to light it.

Knowing how to destroy the fairy sanctuaries leads us to deal with a quite aggressive dog that is usually found patrolling the area and take care of sedating it, for this we must have a Soporific Bite, this can be made with:


  •  1 soporific potion.
  • 1 bite of meat.


 It is necessary to throw the soporific snack in the direction of the dog and it will try to eat it which makes it fall asleep.

To close this search we must take care of distracting the Goblins that are usually surrounding the sanctuary in Wytchwood, only that for this it is necessary to take care of getting a Dreadful Doll, this is usually made with:


  •  3 grains.
  • 3 hopper legs.
  • 1 sewing kit.


 Once the doll is equipped we must throw it at our feet in order to generate an aura that usually paralyzes the goblins that may be nearby with fear, with this we culminate the destruction of the fairy sanctuaries, all that remains is to return to the fairy tree in order to ensure that they can give us the fragment of the mirror.

 We conclude this guide on How to destroy the Fairy Shrines which allows access to a particular fragment in Wytchwood.

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