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Warframe: How to Get the Plague Kripath

2020-01-22 14:17:36

This time we have a complete guide on how to get Kripath from the plague in Warframe.

What is Warframe plague Kripath?

This is a component of Zaw that can only be obtained from the Star of the Plague event, something very important if you want to make one of the most epic Zaws of the game.

How to get Kripath from the plague in Warframe?

The first way to obtain this component is a reward mode for completing the unique reward that Konzu will help you in Cetus in the Plague Star event. Upon completion of the Bounty you will obtain the Operation Supply position with which you can buy exclusive rewards from the Nakak event in Cetus, but to be able to buy whatever you have to be in the champion rank and have 2,000 Status and 3,500 credits.

Kripath's damage is divided as follows: 29 percent viral.

  • 21 percent oblique bar.

  • 36 percent Puncture.

  • $ 14 Impact.

In addition to that it also has a critical damage of 2.2x and a 4 percent critical opportunity bonus.

The resources necessary to be able to build the Kripatch then find the plan are the following:

  • 10 Azurite Tear, which you can get using a plane purchased from Old Suumbaat in Cetus for 1000 standing Ostrones

  • 5000 credits

  • 700 plastics

  • 60 Pyrotic alloy, our plans can be purchased at Old Man Suumbaat if you have Pyrol that you can mine on the Eidolon Plains.

  • 1600 Nanospores.

It is also possible that the Kripath may appear in a Zaw completely built in the Daily Specials of Hok, so be very careful with this information so as not to miss the opportunity.

This is all you have to know and probably now that you know how to get Kripath from the plague in Warframe we hope you can get this component quickly.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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