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Warframe: How To Get More Cubic Diodes

2019-11-26 14:16:32

The topic we will talk about this time will be based mainly on how to get more cubic diodes in Warframe.

In Warframe we are in the situation in which we will need many resources that will help us rebuild our Raijack, one of them will be the cubic diodes, once we have our dry dock, the Cephalon Cy and even investigate, what we should do Then it is to find the parts of the Railjack, these were discarded for a very long time, so you have to repair them, for this main reason we must have the knowledge of how to get more cubic diodes, the content of this article is in charge of offering the specific details.

Why get cubic diodes in Warframe?

The cubic diodes are a resource that will help us to repair the fuselage of our Railjack, which will lead us to the need to find 100 cubic diodes, for this we have the Eximun units to help us get them once we overcome them, these they are located in Ceres, on the tile of the shipyard, these enemies have great power and also have a quality very similar to that of Warframes, if we compare them to our standard enemies, they will be very high in their power, they create shields or explosions of fire, cause greater damage and have much more life.

How to get more cubic diodes in Warframe?

The ideal option to meet the Eximus units, is to enter an endless mission, since we will have the opportunity to see more than 15 units, which indicates that they appear very frequently in this mission, in the case of Defense missions will also be the right place, to have an important presence of these Eximus units, we are going to find them in Seimeni and Casta this type of missions, now if we are chased by a Kuva Lich and have nodes in Ceres, it will be good to take them into account to carry out missions, the apparitions of the units being also high frequency, the Lich can take away resources and among them are the cubic diodes.

In addition, resource reinforcements will directly affect our cubic diodes, but for now, we are not sure that the falls can also be affected by the Warframes or Smeeta Kavata, once Eximus die we will be able to obtain between 5 and 10 cubic diodes, and with this being the most important, the next thing we have to do is grow them and repair the fuselage of the Railjack quickly.

We have reached the end of this article, which I present everything necessary in an explanation that will lead us to know how to get more cubic diodes in Warframe, it is expected that for readers this content will give them the utility they expected.

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