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Warframe: How to get Frame Fighter mini-game

2020-05-22 11:05:55

Guide to learn how to play the Frame Fighter minigame in Warframe

What is unknown about this minigame Frame Fighter is a Warframe mini-game where two players can fight each other in a beat-em-up style game.

To gain access to Frame Fighter, you'll need to purchase Ludoplex from Cephalon Simaris. This will cost you 50,000 standing. You can earn standing with Cephalon Simaris by completing daily reward challenges.

If you want to get these you must visit Cephalon Simaris on any broadcast, and he will give you a synthesis target to track and scan.

When you buy the Ludoplex you must place it in the Orbiter as part of the decoration. Open its main menu, then go to Equipment, Orbiter, and choose the option to decorate the Orbiter. Find the Ludoplex and then place it wherever you want in your Orbiter.

You have to play a bit with the team and you can find the Frame Fighter option.

How to play the Frame Fighter minigame in Warframe?

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    There is a challenge called Nightwave where it asks you to enter that game mode, but the truth is that you can choose whether to play it or not, as long as you enter this game mode the mission will automatically be fulfilled.

    Once you acquire the Ludoplex, you will be able to play Frame Fighter and have access to the default characters, but it will be necessary to find other characters in the world, in addition to the Frame Fighter fragments being hidden through various levels, and scanning them will give you access to Warframe in the mini-game.

    If you have played street fighter before, the game mode will be most familiar to you, so it is recommended (for those who play on a PC) that they find a command control to make things easier.

      After learning how to play the Frame Fighter minigame in Warframe you can take advantage of this experience for next missions or extra games that you are lucky!

    Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    Action role-playing
    Digital Extremes
    Release date:
    March 25, 2013

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