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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-08-30 06:19:35

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Get comfortable so that you learn how to get Flappy Bird crosshair Valorant, because in the following article we will address this for you.

What is the Flappy Bird crosshair in Valorant?

This is one of the crosshair designs that you can find in the game, of which you can find a lot of customization options that you can use to create unique designs, this since the arrival of the new advanced crosshair customization feature in the latest update 4.02. This is one of the most meme crosshairs available in the game right now, which is why so many want to get it.

How to get Flappy Bird crosshair Valorant?

The quickest way to get this special crosshair is to copy the following code into the Import profile code section of the crosshair settings, making sure there are no typos:


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How to get Flappy Bird crosshair Valorant? - Crosshair Settings

General Crosshair Settings
  •     Contours > enabled
  •     Contour Opacity > 1
  •     Outline thickness > 3
  •     Center point thickness > -
  •     Color code > #008000
  •     Center point > disabled
  •     Center point opacity > -
  •     Override misfire compensation with crosshair compensation > disabled
  •     Override all primary crosshairs with my crosshair compensation > disabled
Inner Lines
  •     Firing Error > Off
  •     Inner Line Opacity > 1
  •     Inner Line Offset > 10
  •     Movement Error > Off
  •     Show Inner Lines > On
  •     Inner Line Thickness > 4
  •     Inner Line Length > L-0, R-18

Outer Lines
  •     Firing Error > Off
  •     Outer Line Offset > 7
  •     Outer Line Opacity > 1
  •     Movement Error > Off
  •     Show Outer Lines > On
  •     Outer Line Thickness >10
  •     Outer Line Length > L-0, R-4

That's all you need to know about how to
get Flappy Bird crosshair Valorant, so we hope you can get this particular crosshair very quickly.

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