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2022-11-20 19:05:58

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The action in Valorant does not stop, so today it is necessary to know how to fix Valorant failed to start.

What to know about Valorant failed to start?

  It is an obstacle that occurs due to an error in the game, application or execution, it is something temporary that can be eliminated even with a restart of the client on some occasions, while if not, you have to go deeper to deal with it. In this situation, we will see a message box of the installation location, as for How to fix Valorant failed to start there is a lot to consider and it is presented in this guide below.

How to fix Valorant failed to start?

  We must first consider the reasons why this problem occurs, if we want answers regarding how to fix Valorant could not start, then the causes are the following:

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How to Fix Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining How to Fix Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen.

  • Error in the game launcher: when we click on it, nothing happens, which may be that our PC believes that the game is already running, it is a very common error with the launcher, which requires a forced closure to solve it .
  • Software error: having a bug in this it is possible that we do not have up-to-date drivers that help reduce the chances of errors occurring, it can even help for other applications.
  • The account is registered in another place: this happens because the value is registered in some other device and the startup problem occurs.
  • Overclocking: due to this in our Nvidia or AMD cards it can prevent the game from starting, it is necessary that the speed be normal in our GPU for a correct operation of the system in general.
  • Error in Anti-cheat systems: the execution of the game requires this, which will lead us to reinstall the program if we do not get anywhere with the indications previously presented.


 Knowing the reasons we have that now we only have what to do to fix Valorant could not start taking into account the possible solutions and these are the following:


  •  Close the other applications or games: when they are running it can affect the performance of the system, so what we must do is close them with the help of the task manager.
  • Restarting our PC: what we will do is turn off the computer and then turn it on again, it can be a basic, but concrete solution to face the situation that prevents the game from starting.
  • Login from another device: playing on another PC we can register our game to start with the account we normally use and avoid the error on the previous device.
  • Run the game as administrator: being an important possibility to correct the problem we will right click on the game's shortcut, going through the properties we have the compatibility option, here in configuration we must mark the optimization of the full screen and we run it with the administrator options, we apply and accept, remaining to see if the problem persists.
  • Turn off Overclocking: with this you have the return of the normal speed of the graphics card, which can be a concrete solution to the problem, in case you have not achieved something with the above, this is an important option that we must apply.
  • Delete and install the game again: with the launch problems we will have to close the launcher to start it again, considering that in anti-cheat it can be an obstacle.
  • Reinstalling the game: it is the final option that we will have when none of the above has worked, we will remove the game completely and install it again, we just have to go through the control panel to remove it by adding or removing programs.

 In conclusion, knowing how to fix Valorant could not start is interesting because it allows us to return to the normality of our fun in such a busy game.

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