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Valorant: Reyna Abilities Guide

2020-06-03 08:33:26

Reyna's skills guide to play in Valorant

With the official release of Valorant, players now have the opportunity to experience a wealth of new content in the character-based first-person tactical shooting game. One of the most important pieces of content that were added with the official launch was the new Agent known as Reyna.

Reyna's skills guide allows you to learn new techniques to use against and defeat your enemies and because of this we will tell you everything we know so far.

Reyna's skills in Valorant

The guide that these new skills brings to you is focused on giving you benefits when you are able to kill an enemy player. Generally speaking the benefits range from restoring your health to becoming invisible which will allow you to bring advantage in your battle.

  • Discard: Consume the life force of the dead enemy to become invisible and invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Devour: Consume the life force of a dead enemy to restore their health.
  • Ability to Sign: Read: Send an ethereal, destructible orb that looks at any enemy that looks at it.
  • Ultimate Ability: Empress - Lets you enter a bloodthirsty state, providing rapid fire and making enemies easier to see all the time. Marking a murder resets the timer.

With Reyna's new Skill Guide at Valorante you can get a significant edge in the game as long as you use it with precision.

Microsoft Windows PC
Action, Strategy, tactical shooter
Riot Games
Riot Games
Unreal Engine
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