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Agents are one of the most important pieces that we require at Valorant, so today we explain how to win with Brimstone agent

Who is Brimstone Agent in Valorant?

  Our journey through Valorant has allowed us to have a certain number of agents, and knowing how to win with Brimstone Agent is vital, especially because it presents us with the possibility of being able to win from both sides, since on the one hand it has the ability to support the allies but on the other hand it is in the capacity to generate damage as long as it makes use of the orbital armament which implies that it really is a very interesting agent.
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    What are Brimstone's abilities in Valorant?


     Knowing how to win with the Brimstone agent is really a necessary activity and this implies in the first instance having the possibility of being clear about what the skills are, being the following.


    •  Free Sky Smoke (100 Credits): With this ability Brimstone can launch some smoke screens and thereby blocking the enemy's vision.
    • Stim Basic Lighthouse (100 credits): This ability allows you to launch a beacon, the good thing is that the other teammates have the possibility of achieving an increase in firing speed, recoil recovery as well as reload speed.
    • The Last Orbital Attack (6 points): This is simply a deadly attack that allows a specific area to be bombarded for several seconds that has been determined as a target, making survival here impossible due to the explosion.
    • Basic Arsonist 22 Credits: This ability allows enemies to be unable to pass through and manage to take at least 5 HP of damage as Bimstone threw an incendiary grenade.


     How to win with Brimstone Agent in Valorant?


     The most important thing of all is to recognize that this is an agent that has a considerable amount of skills that are usually used as best as possible, feet when we are in the middle of a battle it is necessary especially for the beginning since it is vital to equip ourselves In order to get enough damage to our enemy, the Stim Lighthouse actually has enough capacity in relation to rate of fire and reload, but keep in mind that it is possible that our enemies can get the location where we have placed the beacons, so it is It is important to be fast to proceed to attack.


     Another interesting option is to correctly use Sky Smoke, this is an extremely feasible ability to help our allies, since we are presented with the possibility of blocking the enemy's vision, giving us an excellent opportunity to cause a double attack using the incendiary grenade that added to the smoke really causes a great impact.


     Already to end our fight it is time to opt for a final attack that allows us to catapult ourselves, for this the Orbital Strike is necessary, because this allows there to be no survivors thanks to the explosion and the best time to use it is when we observe that there is some enemy team trying to fight to defuse some bomb.


    Finally, knowing how to win with Brimstone Agent simply gives us excellent skills to choose to win in Valorant.

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