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V Rising has more searches for us, let's see How to find merchants.

Who are the merchants in V Rising?

These are nothing more than the vendors that we get in this game, they usually sell some artifacts and items, so it is necessary to know how to find merchants, although it is true, we are immersed in the early stages of the game, it is necessary to consider that This could change, for now it is vital to enjoy them as they usually appear, only that in order to find them it will be vital to disguise ourselves as humans.

How to find merchants in V Rising?

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    It is good to know that we can use silver coins from them to be able to buy the items, it is necessary to take into account that merchants sell objects and items in exchange for silver coins, in this case it is necessary to obtain these coins in advance and for her It will be vital to check white chests or cabinets in the camps.

    In the middle of this task to know How to find merchants, it is good to keep in mind that silver can hurt us, so it is good to carry a certain amount so that it does not affect us, in addition, we should consider hiding it a bit because other players will be able to see the silver border, here it is vital to get rid of this resource and V Rising and this causes the effect of the character to pass.

     There is the possibility of increasing the resistance to silver in V Rising and for this we must create and drink a silver resistance potion, for this we will use the Alchemy Table, we must also disguise ourselves as humans to go unnoticed, this human form we get to the drink the Blood of Beatrice.

    It is necessary to take into account that carrying silver can make us break our human form in V Rising, it is ideal to have as much resistance as possible, so knowing how to find merchants is usually becoming a less complex problem, with currency silver we set out to look for merchants, one of these is usually located in a specific and fixed area, we will always find him in the place, the other is usually itinerant, he does not have a fixed place to find him.

    Knowing how to find merchants is vital and here we are going to detail each merchant with whom we get:

    Berk The Traveling Trader is the name of the traveling trader, he is usually around Dunley Farmlands without a fixed place and is sold:


    •  Deer head.
    • wolf head
    • bear head
    • Blood rose potion.
    • Garlic Resistance Potion.
    • Holy Stamina Potion.
    • Sunflower seeds.
    • Regular gemstones.


     Ottar the Merchant is the fixed merchant and we will find him in Brighthaven Slums in V Rising, he usually sells:


    •  Ashfolk helmet.
    • Miter.
    • Ghost mushroom spores.
    • Highland lotus seeds.
    • Box of major explosives.
    • Flawless gemstones.


     Now that you know How to Find Traders, we invite you to jump into this interesting quest that can only be run on V Rising.

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