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Now that V Rising is available it is important that you learn how to fast travel and that is what we will be covering for you in this article.

What is fast travel in V Rising?

It is a feature that is already quite well known and that basically allows you to move around the map immediately and quickly, which will be very helpful in the search for resources and in almost anything that requires you to move around the map.

How to fast travel  in V Rising?

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    On the game map, you'll be able to find and unlock Vampire Waygates, which you'll be able to use to travel between them. Initially, you will have access to two gateways that you can use to spawn in the world, but as you progress you can find more.

    To fast travel you will have to access the Map by pressing M > select the location of the nearest Waygate with right click and when you reach a Waygate, you will have to hold down the F key to access the fast travel map > left click on any gateway to teleport.

    You must keep in mind that almost no resource can teleport, so you will have to carry it in your inventory to be able to use the waygate.

     That's all you need to know about fast travel in V Rising, so we hope you can quickly master fast travel now that the game is available.

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