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In the V Rising universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat the Winged Horror and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the Winged Horror in V Rising?

  This is one of the many bosses that we are going to face while we progress in the game, being in a constant fight for survival we have to have an idea of how to beat the Winged Horror and for this we have the following details, let's see.

How to beat the Winged Horror in V Rising?

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This boss has a level of 78, as we progress the confrontations will become complex to a certain extent, in this case we must at least have said level close to that of the boss in V Rising, even surpassing it in level may be the most appropriate, as far as How to beat the Winged Horror we have to locate it first, for this we will use the altar of blood, which will take us through the east of Farbane Woods, when facing this boss it is important that we have Chaos Volley and Rain of abilities in our team Bolts, while we must take care of his attacks when flying through the air.

 The damage it causes with its attacks is considerable, it will start by attacking us with the Winged Horror, which turns out to be charged, having a couple of orbs next to it that will come shooting in our direction, we have to dodge them, the Shooting Star attacks we have to blocking them, he also has the fire orb attack, where the orbs are thrown to the ground at the same time he is flying in V Rising, with this attack he can cause us burns that drop our movement speed by 5 percent, his shots come while it flies, so we must avoid the area where it is, the last thing to consider is that it uses Frost AOE attacks, noticing that it makes a circle that when we see it we must distance ourselves, for a few seconds it causes-effect AOE of frost and for this we will stay frozen at that instant., certainly as for How to beat the winged terror we have to consider its lethal attacks, but we can block it and counterattack, we will use the ability of Ward of the Damned to block the charged attacks, when coming with the fire orbs we use the Chaos Volley ability, the point is that by blocking his attacks and attacking with ranged weapons when we see him flying we will have the opportunity to heal ourselves if necessary in a safe place .

 In conclusion, knowing how to beat the Winged Horror is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in V Rising.

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