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We welcome you to our Tunic guide, where we will talk about How to beat the Heir.

What to know about the heir in Tunic?

This is the last combat of the game, so it is not easy to overcome it, here we will go through a couple of stages that will lead us to use our combat capabilities, weapons and objects to the maximum, in order to overcome it it is ideal to know how to beat the Heir and to do so we can carefully follow the following details.

How to beat the Heir in Tunic?

When we face him the first time in Tunic, he will defeat us quickly, then we will have to prepare ourselves by empowering our character before trying again. Regarding How to beat the Heir, you have to take advantage of all the resources, so visiting the merchant is necessary, to get our resistance to the highest, by buying herbs we can restore it, during combat we have to take advantage of the hourglass, considering that the Heir's attacks in Tunic are very fast, with this we will have a good gap to react, here the magic dagger and the ice bombs will play an adequate role because of how useful they will be, managing to freeze it for a short time to think at least, they help us with the MP, so having it is necessary in terms of How to beat the Heir .
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The use of the orange and cyan danger rings are appropriate to equip for this complex combat in Tunic, because it will help us in attack and defense, even more so if we go through a critical situation with our health, now the anklet is appropriate to use because when rolling we can cause damage no matter how little it is, the next thing to keep in mind about How to beat the Heir is to use the inverted ash accessory to have change in health potions for magic, certainly we will not be able to heal ourselves, but it can help us keep the clock of sand for a longer time, there are many movements that the Heir has, the speed is impressive too, using his sword he will quickly come towards us, which allows us to see a trail of energy that we can dodge at the right moment, but it has a final bar that will drop much later than expected.

We will see some attacks from a distance and area of ​​effect, doing the summoning of energy beams, even stabbing the ground to make this energy come out, even traces that can be seen shooting in a wedge in Tunic, apart from 3 energy rings that form a fan starting from the edge of the arena, you have to go through them to avoid them, with a weapon you can shoot some bursts at us, in relation to How to beat the Heir is very complex, everything will depend on Soulslike, which consists of not moving ambitiously, just do it at the right moment, almost always after one of his attacks, we will hit and defend ourselves, meanwhile we keep an eye on our resistance in Tunic, because when it ends we will receive more damage, by releasing the object block button we can make it go recharging more quickly, now in terms of How to beat the Heir having bombs we will do some damage, always with caution and we will fall your health.

After we drop his bar we will go to another stage of combat in Tunic, which will become more complex, highlighting that the patterns of his attacks remain the same, only with greater intensity, adding to it the contact of his sword or traces of corruption that can drop our health in its entirety, it will almost always have additional hits, sending corrupted energy trails in the form of stars, then we must help us on How to beat the Heir with the hourglass, in case it arrives to invoke the rain of anergy we will have many problems, this is very long and intense at the same time that it will execute other attacks with improvements, we must seek security through the sand and it is ideal that we reduce the time for said impulse, the rest to do is apply the same strategy as in the first stage of the fight, hit and retreat, use the bombs and ice attack correctly, pay attention to the attack patterns is the best way until to get over it.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat the Heir has been very useful for your progress in Tunic.

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