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In the universe of Tunic we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat siege engine and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about the siege engine in Tunic?

It is a boss that has one of the 3 color keys that we will need in our progress, it is a complex combat, which requires being aware of How to beat siege engine and for this tips are presented in this guide, to then let's see them.

How to beat siege engine in Tunic?

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The attacks that he uses first are sweeping melee, which can cause us great damage, he also has a melee attack stomp with the use of his legs, when noticing that he lifts his legs it is important that we move quickly , at some point from a distance it will attack us in Tunic, using the bombardment of projectiles that look like missiles with which it causes great damage, in the same way for a laser attack if it hits us.

As for How to beat the siege engine, the best strategy to use is to stay close to it, which will be useful to target the weak points, which are on its face and the node on the landing gear, we have to channel the energy against him, when he tries to slide or trample us we will use our roll to dodge him by pressing the A and then we will achieve a couple of hits at least with the help of our sword.

We will avoid practically everything to stay close to this enemy, even the laser beam, being enough to run around his legs, managing to save energy to attack him melee, while we run we will not lose our resistance, in case he catches us you have to use the dagger to freeze it, managing to heal quickly while we are hit before we free ourselves, there are many enemies flying and this leads us to be quite close to the siege engine, looking for them to hurt each other.

 Now that we know how to beat siege engine, it only remains to do it with the present indications to continue progressing in Tunic.

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