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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-16 17:49:21

Bugs are simply our biggest headache in Torchlight 3 and this leads us to tell you How to fix No NPC Sound error

What is No NPC Sound error in Torchlight 3?

This is simply a very complex inconvenience that makes us lose some time and can generate a headache, because being an action game we usually go completely into the world and these failures all they do is delay us, especially because the issue of Sound plays a fundamental role, the detail is that this failure has simply been fair and is presented on all platforms where this game is available.

How to fix No NPC Sound error in Torchlight 3?


Although there is no game that at a certain moment presents errors, since some perhaps tend to be more frequent than others, however, here it is complex because it is a fairly busy game and the mere idea of ​​not being able to enjoy it is simply not pleasant at all , in such a way that this has a solution and must be done in this way:

  • We proceed to launch the game.
  • Then it is necessary to go to the game configuration menu or simply by choosing to press the Escape key.
  • Then we come to the Options menu.
  • Then we access the Language option.
  • Our goal is to change the language to any of those on the default list.
  • Then we return to the game one more time or easily proceed to close the settings menu.

Now that you know how to fix the No NPC Sound error, in this way we are offered the possibility of playing with a little more peace of mind in Torchlight 3

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