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Find out how to get a dog in this excellent and explanatory guide from Vampire Survivors.

What to know about the dog in Vampire Survivors?

When we unlock the dog we can play with it, which is a new feature that has been added to the game, to get it we must face a very complex stage, facing arcana and new weapons, then getting the character we are looking for, to be aware of what to do to get a dog closely follow the details below.

How to get a dog in Vampire Survivors?

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    The name of this is O'Sole Meeo, it has a special train that allows you to shoot bouquets of flowers in any direction, the first thing to do to get it is to unlock all the main stages, then go to Gallo Tower to kill 3000 enemies Dragon Shrimp, which we will do with any of the characters, achieving this goal we can access the purchase of the dog, added to this if we have it before the patch will be enough to make an execution to go to unlock it.

    We hope the information detailed here on how to get a dog has been very useful for your progress and fun in Vampire Survivors.

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