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With our TikTok guide you will learn more about how to go live without 1000 followers.

What to know about going live in TikTok?

You have to meet a series of requirements to be able to go live, among which are the age of 16 and that we have 100 followers, it is something that is complex for many of us, so it is necessary to find a way to go live. I live without 1000 followers and in the following content we can have the answer, let's see.

How to go live without 1000 followers in TikTok?

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    What we will do is open TikTok to go to the profile, then enter the 3 dots in the upper right corner and we will open settings, scroll down until we find the support option, then we will choose that we have a problem with the live transmission, that we are hosting in live and we can't transmit, then we have to write a request to enable the Live function in our account, speaking briefly, the next thing is to send, in a period of 48 to 72 hours we will see a communication from a representative, who will make us know if our request was approved or not, if it is affirmative, the option will be present through the create menu.

    As for how to go live without 1000 followers it is not possible, unless we report a problem, we can opt for what was indicated before, gaining the 1000 followers seems to be the most appropriate, certainly complex, as long as we have quality content we can add them while quantity is also a factor for this, waiting is the best option we have for this, so we have to put it into practice until we achieve the goal of followers that is required.

     In this way we finish our TikTok guide, now you know how to go live without 1000 followers, only it is not the expected answer and somehow you have to move on.

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