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This is not very common, but today we are going to tell you how to Videos Not Playing Error in TikTok.

What is the problem of videos in TikTok?

If you are a frequent consumer of the vines social network, you may have noticed that the app tends to present problems at times. One of the most common errors of the social network is when users cannot reproduce the videos, so here we will tell you what to do to correct this.

How to fix Videos Not Playing Error in TikTok?

The reason for this error is not clear yet, it is said that it may be due to technical errors, unnecessary data or unnecessary caches. The fact is that before all this, we have a solution
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    The best thing you can do before this problem is to get rid of the unnecessary cache data, for this you will have to access your phone's Settings> Applications> select the app> Force stop> Storage> Clear data to clear cache data and others unnecessary data, which may interfere with the operation of the application.

    Then go to Permissions and allow everything requested. You can do the same for your "Gallery / Photos" application, if necessary.

    Remember to make sure that the social network is updated to the latest version and try restarting your cell phone.

      That's all you have to know about how to fix Videos Not Playing Error in TikTok, we hope it was as helpful as possible, and you have managed to find the solution to this error.

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