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We have made for you a guide to The Last Of Us Part 2 in order to explain how to jump and sprint jump

In this second installment we are presented with the option of getting many infected with whom we will have to survive, in a world that is quite devastated, but most important of all is that we have the alternative of being able to perform some tasks while recording everything. This world, fueled by revenge.

How to jump and sprint jump in The Last Of Us Part 2?

It is necessary to differentiate in a simple way the jump normally and Sprint jumping, because each one has a different way of doing it.

To jump you need:

  • Press X.
  • To perform a Sprint jump it is necessary to press X and hold L1, because this allows us to run and jump simultaneously, because this makes it necessary to cover much more distance, especially when doing some explorations along the map, as well as evade some enemies.

Knowing how to jump easily allows us to know other controls that we could use and this makes us move a little more, it is also good because we get to work a little, since surviving here is the most necessary tare we must achieve. Using the ear is very important because it allows us to detect enemies and this can be done immediately, it is a fairly good skill and the least of all is that it does not require much effort to learn it, just to be in contact with the right places and dedicated to lending them the necessary attention, since the healthiest thing is to avoid to receive some type of blow that can become with our health in a fast way, so getting to be stealthy could help us with this battle considering that jumping is crucial.

Finally we can say that knowing how to jump and sprint jump are only fundamental movements that allow us to survive in The Last Of Us Part 2.

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